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Sun, Aug 12, 2012

Pitfalls to Avoid in Dealing with Delay, Disappointment & Betrayal in Family Relationship

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The Bible is a book that speaks to every situation that human beings are likely to face in life.

The Bible is a book that speaks to every situation that human beings are likely to face in life. It is for this reason that it is a valuable resource for building a life and  family relationships that will bring glory to God and also experience the best that God has to offer. The Bible gives us an understanding of human nature-ours as well as others’-so that we would not have to learn some lessons of life the hard way, that is through our own personal experience. A better understanding of the mental, emotional, and spiritual nature of men and women is required of all who would live successfully in the world today and leave a great legacy for their descendants after them. The experience of Abram and Sarah as a couple, and the way they dealt with the challenges they faced, illustrate for us the pitfalls we must avoid in dealing with delay, disappointment and betrayal in family relationships. First, the pitfalls to avoid in dealing with delays to the blessing we are expecting from God. Don’t make your joy and success in life depend on anything or anyone other than God. Since you  are a child of God and a member of His family, you have already recorded the greatest possible achievement that anyone can have in this world. Abram appeared not to be satisfied with his relationship with God and was brooding over the fact that he had not received the promised blessing of a child. Sarai was compelled by his attitude to offer her slave girl, Hagar, to him in line with the culture of the people around them. But we must not succumb to the way of life of the people around us, whether believers or unbelievers. Rather, we must hold firmly to the word of God to us. Their plan to hasten the fulfillment of God’s promise backfired against them. Second, when we are disappointed by the attitude and behaviour of people toward us, let us be careful that we do not set the stage for worse troubles in the future. Sarai was disappointed by the attitude of Hagar towards her. She, therefore, dealt harshly with her, not minding the fact that Hagar was pregnant. Later, after she gave birth to Isaac, she was disappointed and hurt by the mockery of Ishmael on the day Isaac was weaned. She, therefore, demanded that Hagar and her son should be sent packing from the home, not minding the fact that Ismael was Abraham’s son and would need to be brought up by Abraham. What Sarah experienced at the hand of Abraham could be described as a betrayal of trust, and there are many people today who have had similar experiences at the hands of their spouses. It is a situation that is difficult for many to cope with, and some have lost their sanity or impaired their health on account of not being able to cope with marital infidelity, particularly when children are born out of wedlock as a result of it. However, the experience of the Jews over the millenia , and the human nature in us should make us to reconsider our ways.

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