Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.
Sun, Jun 24, 2012

Prayer and Praise; the Unusual Weapon of Warfare

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Warfare (Physical or spiritual, within or without) is a common experience of all mortals and it will continue to be until we are all out of this sin-polluted world.
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Warfare (Physical or spiritual, within or without) is a common experience of all mortals and it will continue to be until we are all out of this sin-polluted world. (John 16:33) The source of this warfare may be sin-inflicted, self-inflicted, Satan-inflicted, society-inflicted, status-inflicted etc. Warfare is a co-neighbour with mankind. The battle in the passage for this morning is from two or more sources.

  1. 1.        The Moabites and Ammonites (descendants of Lot) were part of the people spared by the Israelites on their way to Canaan land.(Deut. 2: 5, 9,19) They have now turned to be ungrateful in attacking Judah. Satan does not need to be offended to launch an attack; he can use anyone that yielded himself. It could be somebody for whom you have made sacrifice.
  2. 2.        Jehoshaphat lately messed himself up by his coalition with Ahab to fight a battle in which they were shamefully defeated (2 Chro. 19:2) His good gesture notwithstanding, the Israelites allowed Judah’s enemies to pass through their land to launch an attack. Note: The people you expect to be of defence to you may turn out to be a betrayal.
  3. 3.        The consequence of wrong association weakened the fear that the neighbouring nations had for Judah, hence, the intelligent attack on it but for God’s deliverance. Please, flee wrong association; it may cost you your integrity. 

Spiritual principles for fighting life battle with Prayer and Praise and winning the battle (2 Chro 2-6)

  • Solution to all human warfare is true repentance and earnest prayer and praise. Vs.11-13, 2Ch 7:14; John 3:5.
  • Daily walk and mutual relationship with God (Father and Child relationship) Lk 11:2 Casual relationship is not agreeable to winning spiritual battle. It amounts to chancing God or using God to advance our cause.
  • Implicit confidence in the Lord and His word (vs 9-12; Ps.141: 8).
  • Good sense of reflection on the faithfulness of God in the past (Testimonies) It strengthens personal faith and the faith of others.
  • Believe the Promise of God and act on to it. A true child does not need a Jahaziel again. We have the word of God as our guide and the Holy Spirit as our Instructor (vs 14-17, 20b)
  • Have the right attitude to God’s promises (vs 18,) Note that the battle has not been fought, Jehoshaphat and his people are already celebrating ahead of the victory.  Jehoshaphat acted upon the word of God. Note his strategy (vs. 19-21; 2 Cor 10:3-5).
  • Praise lives things in the hand of God and allows Him to act in His own wisdom (vs.22-24) His ways are unfathomable. Who could have imagined the victory in this manner?
  • Victory celebration belongs to those who can celebrate before the victory and those who can fight their battle with prayer and praise. 

What are you battling with? God still fight for His people. He is the same yesterday, today and forever, His power remains the same and His faithfulness endures forever. 


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