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Sun, Aug 19, 2012

Strength for the Journey

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The theme of 2012 Teenagers’ Week is Strength for the Journey.

Strength for the Journey Isaiah 40:29-31

The theme of 2012 Teenagers’ Week is Strength for the Journey. The question that readily comes to mind about the theme is, which Journey? The journey we are talking about is our sojourn here on earth as pilgrims (Heb. 11:13). That is, our walk, work and relationship with Christ from the time of our conversion until He takes us Home. Life is a journey for all of us, and that journey is not always easy. There are hard days and difficult nights. Sometimes there are weeks and months and years where the road seems to lead from one hardship to another. Sometimes we are discouraged, we feel like giving up, call it quit and walk away from the Lord. As a matter of fact, life’s journey is burdensome and tiring. Therefore, each of us needs strength to successfully make the journey to our destination.

A careful look at the whole chapter of Isaiah 40 reveals sources of stress in the journey of life. These are: Sin (v.2) Devil and his antics (vv.9d and 19-20), the fallen nature of man and its effects. However, there is hope for us because there is sufficient strength available for us to finish the journey. God is the only true source of our strength for the journey. He is the sovereign Lord (v.10) with great and mighty power (v.26). He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. How then does God give strength to His people?

He gives strength through His Word – vv.1, 11 & 29-30 The word of God corrects, rebukes, guides, leads, instructs, comforts, informs, reforms and transformed. It gives hope that energizes us to move on in the midst of troubles and challenges of life. God’s word contains His precious promises. They are word of grace, hope, love and mercy. We need to know that while God gives strength through His word, we receive it through prayer.

He gives strength through fellow believers (v.7). As believers interacts, shares, fellowships, encourages, counsels, gives, rebukes and corrects one another, each receives strength to continue in the life’s journey. The journey is not meant to be undertaken alone; for loneliness itself brings boredom and tiredness.

He gives strength through the Holy Spirit – The Holy Spirit empowers, illuminates and inspires. We need Him for we can go far without His help and assistance.

We all have a journey to make through life! Though the journey may seem tiring but there is divine strength from God available to us. Are you tapping from this strength?



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