Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.
Sun, Apr 01, 2018

Lesson From the Road to Emmaus

The Bible records ten different resurrection appearances ofJesus. one of the most captivating is a story only found in the Gospel of Luke. The setting is a round trip hike between Jerusalem and Emmaus. A couple of Jewels believers are heading home after the Passover celebration.

They had become very disappointed by the event that had just taken place in their nation. Cleopas and his companion had put much stock in Jesus as their nation's savior. scripture says their facea were "downcast" (verse 17), as they shared, "We had hoped that he was the one who was going to redeem Israel" (verse 21).

They are tired of loving under the tyranny of the Roman goverment and desperately wanted God to rescues them. Jesuslooked like the answer to that prayer, that is, until he was turned over by their own Jewish leaders and executed by the brutal Roman goverment. All their hopes died with him on that cross. whats lesson can we learn from the experience of these two about how to be free from dissapointment?

First, When we are dissapointed, God seeks us out . Jesus came along and walked with them as they journeyed to Emmaus. But their eyeswere kept from recognizing Him.

Second, when we are dissapointed God will clarify His will to us through the scriptures. That is what Jesus did to these disciples. He began to unpack the Bible if the time, what we call the Old Testament, and he showed these two how the prophets through the ages had predicted not only a tiumphant Messiah but also one who would suffer and die and rise again.

Third, When we are freed from dissapointment and become joyful when we align ourselves with God's will. when we finally allow the Holy Spirit to speak through scripture, God brings the adjustments we need.

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