Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.
Sun, Mar 24, 2019

Insight For Elevation

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In the past two weeks, the Pastor has led us to look at Jesus Christ who became elevated through His humility. This was done in reference to our theme for the year, Divine Elevation. He had earlier looked at spiritual elevation - a sinner being elevated from the status of an unclean and condemned person into a new and abundant life in Christ Jesus. In other words, a child of God becoming a disciple and a friend of Jesus. No doubt, this is the greatest type of elevation anyone could ever experience on the earth.

Nevertheless, God’s desire is for each of His children to experience and enjoy an all-round elevation. To experience this, we need revelation and insight from God which He has made available to us in His word. We only need to search His Word to receive these insights that will elevate us. Interestingly, we can gain some from unlikely creatures –the Ants. What are the insights we can get from ants that can elevate us? Let’s examine our text closely and see some insights for elevation.

Ants engage in Team Work – (v.6a) Ants value team work. This explains why they live in colony and work together to achieve their goals and become cherished insects. We need to learn that as a team, we can achieve much in life and be elevated. Though they work as a team, yet each ant in any colony recognises its own uniqueness and area of strength and work in that area- as a Queen, a Soldier, or a Worker. Every ant knows its role and carries out its task with commitment and without hesitation. I guessed, their motto is, 'Together Each Achieve More'.

Ants are not title or position conscious (v.7) – Many today are position or status crazy! They seek position and titles by all means – crooked and devilish. They are not concerned about their competence, but about the position and status they occupy. This is unlike ants. This is not to say we should not seek to be leaders, if we are called and gifted, rather pursue competence and we will soon occupy positions of leadership and authority.

Ants are diligent (v.8) – Ants are not lazy creatures, they are hard working. Diligence brings promotion. To be elevated you must be diligent in whatever you do. (cf. Proverbs 22:29).

Ants have foresight (v.8a) – Foresight is the ability to look into the future and work towards getting the best out of the future. Ants know that the future will bring winter, a period that will be very cold, movement will be restricted and there will not be much food. Thus, in the summer and harvest time, ants store food.

Ants practice delayed gratification (v.8a) – summer and harvest time is a time for anyone to indulge in pleasure and self-enjoyment because of the abundance of food, but not the ants. They must keep their food till winter! A big lesson for each of us!!

Learning from the ants will make us wise, for wisdom is profitable for all things, including elevation. Have you received insights that will elevate and launch you into greatness? Have you learnt from the ants?

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