Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.
Sun, Dec 30, 2018

Set Free to Worship

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One major reason for which God sets people free is that they might worship Him. God made this very clear in the message that He sent to Pharaoh through Moses in Exodus 9:1-7. With respect to this, we can learn three things from what God told Pharaoh through Moses. First, God wants His people to be released from bondage (Exodus 9:1).

God wanted Pharaoh to let them go so that they may worship Him. The message reveals how important the worship of God’s people is to Him. No one can worship God properly when he/she is under the bondage of Satan. This is because Satan controls the minds of people in bondage through ignorance and deceptions. This is true if we they do not read God's Word and there is nothing, therefore, to combat the lies and deceptions of Satan. After this, Satan can take control of their hearts through unforgiveness, bitterness, and hatred.

This is true if they have not been spending time in praying to God. They become so sensitive over what people say about them, misinterpret those words, and begin to hurt emotionally. Then, Satan can take control of their words by causing them to rain down curses and speak words that would hurt other people. Unfortunately, the more they release such words, the more these words would come back to them to hurt them even more. When that happens, they are under the bondage to Satan.

This is the reason for the difficulty some people have in coming to church and in truly worshiping God. And when we do not worship God, life becomes so difficult, full of fear, frustrations and defeat. No wonder, then, that God declares: "Let my people go." It is only through Christ that we can be delivered from the bondage of Satan. It is only through worship that we can be liberated from fear and depression. Second, God warns His people not to hold back (Exodus 9:2).

God is against anything or anyone that seeks to keep His people in bondage. He, therefore, warned Pharaoh against holding back the children of Israel. In the same manner, God warns His people against allowing anything to hold them back. It is like this: Even though Christians have been delivered from bondage, Satan still seeks to hold the Christian back. The person in whose lives he succeeds cannot move forward; they cannot progress in ministry; they cannot run the spiritual race because something is still holding them back.

One of the things that can hold us back is sin (Jer. 5:25). Your friends could be holding you back. Your pride could be holding you back. Your family could be holding you back. Your bad experiences in the past or failures could be holding you back. Your personal biases and prejudices could be holding you back. Your work could be holding you back.

Third, God warns His people against the consequences of disobedience (Exodus 9:3-6). The hand of the Lord brought a terrible plague on the livestock of the Egyptians that were in the field. All the livestock of the Egyptians died, but not one animal belonging to the Israelites died. This is a lesson not only for the Egyptians to learn but also the Israelites and to us Christians as well. We need to take heed of this warning. Disobedience will always bring about disaster.

Remember, God is the giver of good gifts to His people.  He will not withhold anything that is good for us. He provides wealth and prosperity to His own people when they obey Him. That is part of God's blessings of obedience. This is why we should be obedient to God’s voice every day of your life. However, when we focus more on the material things of life rather than on God, we become like Pharaoh who disobeyed God and suffered for it. 

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