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Sun, Apr 01, 2012

The Triumphal Entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem

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Today is Palm Sunday, the day Christians all over the world celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem.
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Today is Palm Sunday, the day Christians all over the world celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem.In order to have a better appreciation of the lessons to be learned from His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, we shall consider the provision that was made for the triumphal entry; the prophecy that was fulfilled in the triumphal entry; and the procession itself.

First, the provision that was made for his triumphal entry was very poor and ordinary, and such as revealed his kingdom to be not of this world. The preparation was sudden, offhand, and very mean. Even though he could have summoned a cherub to carry him, he borrowed  an ass and her colt. The disciples who were sent to borrow this ass were directed to say, The Lord has need of him. Those that are in need must not be ashamed to own their need, or to say, as the unjust steward, To beg I am ashamed (Lu. 16:3). On the other hand, none ought to impose upon the kindness of their friends, by going to beg or borrow when they have not need.

Second, we consider the prophecy that was fulfilled in this (vv. 4, 5). Our Lord Jesus, in all that he did and suffered, had very much his eye upon this, That the scriptures might be fulfilled. As the prophets looked forward to him (to him they all bore witness), so he looked upon them, that all things which were written of the Messiah, might be punctually accomplished in him. This particularly which was written of him (Zec. 9:9), where it ushers in a large prophecy of the kingdom of the Messiah, Tell ye the daughter of Zion, Behold, thy King cometh, must be accomplished.

Third, we consider the procession itself. This was consistent with the preparation, both being destitute of worldly pomp, and yet both accompanied with a spiritual power. The disciples did as Jesus commanded them (v. 6); they went to fetch the ass and the colt, not doubting but to find them, and to find the owner willing to lend them. They brought the ass and the colt and since they did not have any saddle threw some of their own clothes upon it. They did not object to the spoiling of their clothes when the Lord had need of them. We must not think the clothes on our backs too dear to part with for the service of Christ, for the clothing of his poor destitute and afflicted members. There was nothing that was stately or magnificent in his retinue. Zion’s King comes to Zion, and the daughter of Zion was told of his coming long before; yet he is not attended by the gentlemen of the country, nor met by the magistrates of the city in their formalities as one might have expected. Christ is honoured by the multitude, more than by the magnificence, of his followers; for he values men by their souls, not by their exalted positions, names, or titles of honour.

The great multitude endeavoured to honour him by spreading their garments on the ground that he might ride upon them.

Others cut down branches from the trees, and strewed them in the way, as they used to do at the feast of tabernacles, in token of liberty, victory, and joy.


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