Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.
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Sun, May 19, 2019
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One of the challenges that we face in our quest for divine elevation is impatience. Impatience is the emotion that gets tired of waiting; that gets fed up with something that delays us; that arouses us to act or react before we should. This was what happened to Abram and Sara. They became impatient in waiting for the promised seed, the son promised by God. What, then, can we learn about impatience? First, the causes of impatience (v.1-2). Sara illustrates several of the major factors that cause us to be so impatient.
Sun, May 05, 2019
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Another example of Abraham’s life of faith is seen in the birth of his son, Isaac. Abraham and Sarah were childless, yet God promised that Abraham would have a son (Genesis 15:4). Abraham believed the promise of God, and that faith is credited to him as righteousness (Genesis 15:6). God reiterates His promise to Abraham in Genesis 17, and his faith is rewarded in Genesis 21 with the birth of Isaac. Abraham’s faith would be tested regarding his son, Isaac. In Genesis 22, God commands Abraham to sacrifice Isaac on the top of Mount Moriah. Abraham faithfully obeyed God who was his shield (Genesis 15:1) and who had been extraordinarily gracious and good to him up to this point. As with the earlier command to leave his home and family, Abraham obeyed (Genesis 22:3).
Sun, Apr 28, 2019
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With the exception of Moses, no Old Testament character is mentioned more in the New Testament than Abraham. Abraham, who started with humble beginnings in Ur, is now regarded as one of the most influential people in all of history.
Sun, Apr 14, 2019
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Today is Palm Sunday, the day on which we commemorate the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. The real purpose of Jesus in riding into Jerusalem was to make public His claim to be the Messiah and King of Israel in fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecy.
Sun, Apr 07, 2019
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The celebration of the Lord’s Supper provides a great opportunity for learning or being reminded of the great meaning and appeal of one of the two ordinances given to the Church by the Lord Jesus Christ.
Sun, Mar 10, 2019
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Philippians 2:5-11 is one of the most important Christological passages in the New Testament. It records a vital statement about the divine nature, redemptive work, and sovereign authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. The text makes this statement about Jesus Christ in two parts: the humiliation of Christ (Phil. 2:5-8) and the exaltation of Christ (Phil. 2:9-11).
Sun, Mar 03, 2019
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The word Gentile is an English translation of the Hebrew word goyim (“people, nations”) and the Greek word ethne (“nations, people groups, people”). The Latin Vulgate translated these words as gentilis, and this word was then carried over into English as “Gentile.” The term refers to a person who is not a Jew. Gentiles were long seen as enemies of the Jewish people, yet Christ provided good news for both Jews and non-Jews. Paul praised the Lord’s goodness in his letter to the church in Ephesus. It is, therefore, from this letter that we want to learn how God elevated the Gentiles. In the first place, Paul speaks of the condition of the Gentiles before Christ came (Eph. 2:11-12). One, the Gentiles were called the uncircumcision by those who laid claim to that circumcision which is a physical and man-made thing. Two, the Gentiles had no hope of a Messiah. Three, the Gentiles were aliens from the society of Israel. Four, the Gentiles were strangers from the covenants on which the promises were based. Five, the Gentiles were without hope and without God. Second, Paul deals with how God dealt with the hatred and united the Jew and the Gentile (Eph. 2:13-18).
Sun, Feb 24, 2019
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Prior to the coming of Jesus Christ into the world to die for our sins, Satan had a field day. The Bible presents him as having a highly organized army of demonic beings through whom he brings everyone under his control and enslavement (Eph. 2:1-3; 6:12; John 10:10).
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