Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.
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Sun, Jun 24, 2012
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Warfare (Physical or spiritual, within or without) is a common experience of all mortals and it will continue to be until we are all out of this sin-polluted world.
Sun, Jun 17, 2012
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It seems rather contradictory to me that Jesus, who was so gentle, (Matt 19: 13-15) at times would call some people fools.
Sun, Jun 10, 2012
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God is the King over His creation; He mediates His rule through the appointed leaders either as Prophets or Judges.
Sun, Jun 03, 2012
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Creation has lost the Spirit and is degenerating. Thus, the cry by the Creator, whom shall we send. Consequently, there is need to anoint, impart, consecrate and be filled with the Holy Spirit.
Sun, May 27, 2012
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Many of our praise in worship songs have the word ‘Awesome’; usually referring to God as the Awesome God. Unfortunately, many of us do not seem to fully understand what the word means, hence the way we respond when we sing such songs.
Sun, May 20, 2012
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There is no better way to round off a study on the pathways to divine blessings than to actually pray for divine blessings upon our lives. To prepare our minds to do this, we need to appreciate the fact that God wants us to pray unto Him for the bestowal of His blessings upon our lives. When it comes to the matter of praying for divine blessings, two biblical characters come readily to mind.
Sun, May 13, 2012
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“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” is a saying that illustrates the importance of mothers in the life of any nation.
Sun, Apr 29, 2012
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One of the least recognized but very powerful pathways to divine blessings is Giving Praise to God.
Sun, Apr 22, 2012
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No human being can be successful in the service of God if he is not aware of the limitations imposed upon him by his humanity.
Sun, Apr 15, 2012
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In continuation of our series of messages on “Pathways to Divine Blessing,” we consider a fourth pathway, namely, membership in God’s family.
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