Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.
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Sun, Dec 30, 2018
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Sun, Dec 16, 2018
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The Bible is full of symbols and to fully understand them, there is the need to pay attention to these symbols. These include: symbolic actions, symbolic words, symbolic places, symbolic events, and symbolic personalities or characters. Since this is Christmas, when we remember and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, one of the prominent symbolic places I feel strongly that we need to pay attention to is the Manger.
Sun, Dec 09, 2018
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Genealogy, also known as family history, is the study of families and the tracing of their lineages and history. The genealogy of our Lord Jesus Christ by Matthew was written for a number of reasons. One, it shows Jesus to be the legal heir to the throne of David (v.1-2). Matthew traces the roots of Jesus Christ in order to prove that He is the promised Messiah.
The Promise of a Great Hope
Sun, Dec 02, 2018
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One of the greatest promises ever made to the human race is given in the prophecy here in Micah, verse two: it is the birth of the Messiah, the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. Looking back on this prophecy from the time of Jesus’ death to this present day, we can see the incredible number of details so clearly and accurately predicted. Micah first prophesied that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:1-2). But before the coming of the Saviour, the nation of Judah would be conquered. Its capital city, Jerusalem, would be besieged by the Babylonians and all its people exiled. Despite the grim prophecy in verse one, all was not lost. A Saviour was coming and would be born in the city of Bethlehem.
Sun, Nov 25, 2018
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The propensity to think only of ourselves is one of the causes of conflicts at family, church, and societal levels. It destroys the unity of the family, the body of Christ, and the nation. Realizing the contention that selfish attitudes cause within the church, Paul writes from prison exhorting the Philippians believers on how to combat their selfishness. In the first place, to repel a selfish spirit, we must remember the blessings we have received because of our union in Christ. One, we are to remember how Christ encourages us. Two, we are to remember how Christ embraces us. Three, we are to remember how Christ includes us. Four, we are to remember how Christ enhances us.
Sun, Nov 18, 2018
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Last week, we saw how Haman’s extreme prejudice, hatred, and discrimination against the Jews led him to influence King Xerxes to accede to his request to destroy them. To that end, the king authorized him to issue a Decree of Extermination, and send it to all the provinces, for their destruction. However, the Jews avoided the fate that had been decreed for them. We can draw biblical principles from the way it happened that could guide us today. In the first place, the selfless and courageous action of some people from the persecuted group is required. God met the Jews’ desperate need for an intercessor, a deliverer, and a savior through the obedience and courage of Esther. God has a way of preparing people ahead of time to play the role of saviours or deliverers of their people from the hands of their enemies. Such people often occupy positions that give them the opportunity to know what is being planned against their people, and to do something about it. Unfortunately, some of them are more concerned about themselves than their people that they fail to do anything to prevent the destruction of their own people. Not so Mordecai and Esther.
Sun, Nov 11, 2018
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Prejudice and discrimination are serious problems within every society. The attempt by Haman, a man filled with extreme prejudice and bitter hatred toward the Jewish race, to exterminate the Jews is the basic plot of the book of Esther. This event is recorded in the Bible for all generations to remember and guard against.
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